Program – Horticulture Lighting Conference 2017
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October 17, 2017 | Denver Marriott City Center | Denver, CO | USA



Horticultural Lighting Conference USA will feature exclusive presentations by keynote speakers, interactive sessions, live interviews and a networking reception designed to facilitate information exchange and development of key business relationships.

The Horticultural Lighting Conference will feature innovative sessions covering the following topics:


Science, standards, and market transformation:

  • Light recipe science advances based on individual cultivars and varying stages of the growth cycle
  • Understanding the way sunlight and circadian patterns impact plants and how software and simulation can enable similar results with LEDs
  • How industry organizations continue to evolve horticultural metrics and the scope of standards
  • How horticultural lighting has caught the attention of regulatory bodies and market transformation programs


Projects/Case Studies:

  • How vertical farms promise to feed a growing population
  • Cannabis: An indoor case study — but is the future outdoors?
  • The latest in fruiting cultivar requirements in horticultural lighting
  • How and when LED lighting comes into play with field crops


Lighting Technologies and Advancements:

  • How LEDs serve in primary and supplemental roles, including alongside HID fixture
  • How plants benefit from varying SPD, and how growers can economically deliver the optimum SPD
  • How fixture designs have evolved to deliver the needed spectrum as well as the optimum beam distribution
  • How adding UV to the spectrum mix yields unexpected results in yield and characteristics
  • Why connected lighting makes more sense for plants than people